Freire e Freitas is a national company, created in May 2018, which was born out of Portugal’s need to increasingly have an ecological policy and an education in recycling, as well as taking advantage of the economic potential of various wastes. Its main mission is to contribute to a sustainable future, which is based on the use and enhancement of existing resources.

Dismantling of electrical and electronic equipment

The production of waste electrical and electronic equipment has been increasing over the years, with a tendency to undergo an exponential growth in the coming decades. These have in their constitution, valuable elements and hazardous substances, so it is essential to follow correct standards of treatment and disposal in order to reduce environmental impacts and recover all relevant materials. At Freire e Freitas, the dismantling of electrical and electronic equipment at the end of their life is based on two main objectives, the removal of hazardous components and the recovery of valuable or reusable materials, essentially through two operations, the dismantling manual and the use of mechanized technologies.

Recovery of waste

We receive ferrous and non-ferrous metals from WEEE at our facilities. These residues of metal, iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc. they are subject to processes of sorting, processing, packaging and are object of valorization, through the operations carried out at Freire e Freitas. The waste producer is responsible for the destination of these and is obliged, by law, to collect them, store them, transport them and deliver them to licensed operators so as not to contaminate the environment or pose a danger to health human. At Freire e Freitas we have the capacity, through processing operations, to value and control the quality of the metallic waste generated, and to introduce these raw materials back to the market.

Treatment and disposal
of non-hazardous waste

The management of non-hazardous waste is defined as the set of activities relating to the collection, transport, storage, treatment, recovery and/or disposal of non-hazardous waste. It is mandatory that all these activities are carried out by companies duly licensed for this purpose, in an environmentally correct manner, to prevent or reduce the environmental impacts resulting from the production of waste. The improper handling, storage and management of waste can pose health and environmental hazards. It is necessary to adopt solutions in terms of integrated management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, whose methodologies allow, on the one hand, to reduce the amount of waste produced, and on the other hand to ensure that waste is managed in a correct, controlled and safe manner. At Freire e Freitas, we are committed to managing this type of waste in a sustainable way and as a last step, if necessary, to dispose of this waste safely and effectively.

Ores and metals

Our main objective, after completing the operations of a technical nature, is the sale of raw materials generated by the complete recycling process. This includes the wholesale trade of metallic ores (ferrous and non-ferrous) and metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) in primary form (steel products and semi-products). Includes wholesale trade in some precious metals.


Our recycling process is one of the most efficient systems and it achieves a high purity of the Products obtained.